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Here are my articles on stress that you will find engaging and helpful.

Sex, Infidelity and Stress: The Intimate Relationship Exposed

You don’t have to veer far from the sex organs to understand why a man or woman would be unfaithful to his/her partner. Just look inside of the perpetrator’s brain. A short brain-body lesson will help you understand what I mean.

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Stress Relief - Benefits of Humor in Our Favorite Sitcoms

The most popular sitcoms in recent history make use of a reality-based psychological triangle: a control freak who strives to be the center of his Universe, one or more victims who are the brunt of his jokes and putdowns, and a counterbalancing force - a nemesis - who keeps the control freak in check. These forces unfold differently in each sitcom depending on the unique gifts of the antiheroes. Good examples include Seinfeld, Frasier and The Larry David Show.

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EMDR - Stress Relief Benefits from Reprocessing Bad Memories

The riveting case study of a woman traumatized by her fiance's infidelity illustrates a Psychologist's brilliant discovery about the healing properties of the brain. Dr. Francine Shapiro's work on traumatic and distressful memories has launched a major breakthrough in the treatment of mental health problems such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and chronic pain. The article also demonstrates the general stress relief benefits of reprocessing bad memories.

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How to Deal With Too Much Stress, Food and Family During the Holidays

Counting stress blocks can be helpful for reducing holiday stress. For example, add one stress block if you plan to travel away from home, but subtract two if you plan to avoid Uncle Harry, the ‘stress carrier’ in your family.

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Optimizing Performance Under Stress

As in the Peter Principle, I have found that workers are often stressed to the level of their incompetence. On the other hand, they can become star performers with a little stress management.

Pillsbury Doughboy: A Case Study

As they led Ms. P to time-out, I heard her request in a Truman Capote voice, "Poke me in the stomach. I'm the Pillsbury Doughboy."

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