Dr. John J. Parrino

Psychologist and Author of Advice Books on Stress and Relationships

Helping individuals, couples and families to reduce stress and anxiety.


My proudest life experiences as a Psychologist and Psychopharmacologist

…As a young Chief Psychologist at a state psychiatric hospital, I treated a media personality who was diagnosed with a terminal neurological disorder. Paul was given nine months to live by a noted Neurologist at a renowned medical facility. He was assigned to me as a last resort. Through relaxation and biofeedback techniques, I helped the hospital staff …“bring him back to life”. It was my first confrontation with the brain’s powerful effects on the body, and the catalyst for the decision to devote my professional life to understanding the negative effects of chronic stress.

…The Case of Paul was the lead chapter in my book documenting the profound interactions between brain and body, FROM PANIC TO POWER: The Positive Use of Stress (Wiley and PM Publications). Paul and I were featured on a segment of PM Magazine, which aired nationally. Subsequently, I became the Stress Doctor for the CBS affiliate in Atlanta.

…During my national book tour, I was interviewed by a kind and brilliant journalist, Lindley Clark of The Wall Street Journal. He gave the book a sterling review which led to a national book tour and appearances on numerous TV venues including The David Suskind Show.

…My association with Aubrey Daniels International has allowed me to present stress management seminars throughout the corporate world. The firm sells my book and other stress management products. Many thousands of corporate clients are exposed to my work through the company’s extensive worldwide network.

…My daughter Meredith followed me into the field of Psychology, and I’m proud to say that – along with my friend and colleague Dr. Jack Farrar - we presented our research on family stress at the Centennial celebration of the American Psychological Association.

…In the last decade, I attended Georgia State University and the University of Georgia to earn a post-doctorate and certification in Psychopharmacology. When legislation passes in Georgia, I will be one of the first Psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medications.

…My private practice is busy and thriving. I specialize in the treatment of severe stress and anxiety disorders. My most challenging cases (OCD, PTSD and stress-related medical disorders such as Paul’s) still excite and challenge me. It remains a great honor to help others achieve an often elusive goal - peace of mind and body.

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