Dr. John J. Parrino

Psychologist and Author of Advice Books on Stress and Relationships

Helping individuals, couples and families to reduce stress and anxiety.

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FROM PANIC TO POWER: The Positive Use of Stress

For several decades, a perennial bestseller that covers the basics of stress management: relaxation skills, visualization training, habit management and biofeedback. Features astonishing case studies that illustrate the applications of stress technology to individuals with anxiety problems, work addictions, depression, chronic pain and other common mind-body issues.

“A self help book in the best sense of the word.”

-Lindley Clark, The Wall Street Journal

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JUNGLE OF LOVE: Stress Management Strategies for Love Relationships

An allegory about a married couple – a Tiger and Giraffe – who transform from constant conflict to marital bliss. Discover the Tiger and Giraffe in your marriage, and learn to counter relationship stress with the healing Love Reflex.

“…I’m thankful that I’ve found this treasure – an invaluable book that demonstrates a system to keep my husband and myself in perfect harmony.”

-Laura Lee Glass, Publishing and Marketing Director, Aubrey Daniels International

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MIRACLE AT MARGARI PARK: Building Extraordinary Relationships

A story for children and adults about an young Italian soccer star who resentfully immigrates to the US with his parents, but stubbornly refuses to apply his athletic prowess to the American sport of baseball. What he learns about the value of family and friendships when he accepts the challenge is a pivotal life lesson for all ages.

“A beautiful story. I read this with my daughter and we laughed, we cried.”

-Brandon Hall, Ph.D, President, Brandon Hall Group

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Prejudice and the Progeny

In this children's fable, a giant guru teaches mind-body healing strategies and the use of humor to guide a wounded couple and their hybrid offspring in a fierce battle against prejudice, intolerance and bullying.

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A relaxation CD that includes a unique and scientifically tested combination of muscular contractions and deep breathing to produce a total body relaxation response. The CD also shows you how to use a cue word such as RELAX to help you transfer the state of relaxation to stressful situations in everyday life.

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SDI measures your thoughts, feelings physical reactions, habits and relationship patterns during stress. Also provides pinpointed prescriptions for change based on your results. Purchase two (2) SDI’s and compare stress profiles with your partner.

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