Attention Management Survey (AMS)


Studies show that people with problems focusing on work tasks and relationship issues have difficulty reaching their true potential in these life areas. Attention deficits also have a negative impact on feelings of personal well-being. The Attention Management Survey (AMS) is a screening device for adults that measures deficits in attention and provides feedback in four important areas:

Personal Distress (PD) – Stress and worries that accompany attention deficits.

Work Distress (WD) – Performance decrements that stem from focusing difficulties in a standard work setting or as a homemaker.

Relationship Distress (RD) – Trouble with significant others due to communication problems.

Problematic Habit Patterns (PHP) - Persistent negative habits such as impulsive spending.

Note: AMS does not provide a diagnosis of Adult ADD. A professional evaluation is required for that purpose.

Benefits: A significant benefit of completing the survey is the easy-to-use AMS Bar Graph, which visually displays your scores (%) on each of attention deficit variables mentioned above, and the extent that variable causes you distress (None, Mild, Moderate, or Severe). Here’s an example:

Sample AMS results graph.

Instructions: You have four choices for answering each question - Not at all true, Slightly True, Mainly True, and Very True. Select the choice that best reflects your agreement with each Question. To move from one question to the next use the Scroll wheel on your mouse or the Next/Prev buttons. After you have answered all 32 questions, click Submit button for AMS results and report. The survey takes about ten minutes to complete.

1. I procrastinate on home and work projects. My motivation to get the job done increases significantly as I get closer to the deadline.
Not at all true
Slightly true
Mainly true
Very True

AMS Report

1. The AMS Bar Graph visually displays your percentile scores in the four impact areas:

2. The AMS Matrix articulates the implication of your scores in the four impact areas:

AMS Category
Personal Distress (PD)


Work Distress (WD)


Relationship Distress (RD)


Problematic Habit Patterns (PHP)


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