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My career as a Psychologist and author of advice books has evolved in stages, which I would like to share with you here.

First, as a young Psychologist at a state psychiatric hospital, I treated a media personality who was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder. He was given little hope for recovery and was assigned to me as a last resort. Through relaxation, biofeedback techniques and a staff of caring professionals, I helped this man recover from an extraordinary reaction to stress. It was my first encounter with the brain’s profound effect on the body, and the catalyst for me to devote my professional life to treating the negative effects of chronic stress and anxiety.

The case was the lead chapter in my book documenting the powerful interactions between brain and body, FROM PANIC TO POWER: The Positive Use of Stress (John Wiley and Sons and PM Publications).

When I started my private practice, the ratio of women to men seeking help was an astounding nine (gals) to one (lonely guy). My reputation for effectively treating that one lonely guy spread, and I became known as “the man fixer”. I now treat as many men as women in my clinical practice. I’m immensely proud of that accomplishment. It helps me with the mission of assuring that all relationships have a love-enhancing, 50-50 sharing of control, power and responsibility.

My work on stress and relationships led to the publication of JUNGLE OF LOVE: Stress Management Strategies for Love Relationships (iUniverse).

In addition to the area of stress and anxiety management, I specialize in Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Adult ADHD has an enormous impact on everyday life, work habits and relationships. I have designed a free screening quiz to help you decide if you or a significant other would profit from a professional evaluation. After taking the eight-item screening test, read my article - THE DISTRACTED MIND: How to Get Help for Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults. Then email me jjparrino@aol.com for an appointment in Atlanta.

John J. Parrino, Ph. D

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